ThePwnZone is gonna be movin’!

Sup PwnStars, yeah I’ll admit it, I have been totally neglecting this site for the past month or 2. Sorry folks, been dealin’ with some issues about putting up ads and whatnot (totally can’t if using a domain) So i’ve decided to get ThePwnZone it’s own domain and we should be up and running by the first or second week of the new year. Also we have a shitload in store for you guys. Lately we have been planning a shitload of original material and sketches as well as a bunch of gear we’re gonna be slangin’. So keep tuned and prepare for the birth of the new PwnZone.


P.S. – I love you.




Nike – Marty McFly Air Mags

OMG!!!! I am one of the biggest Back To The Future fans there are and I nearly pissed myself when I heard this. Nike is set to announce the release date of their new McFly Air Mags sometime this week!!! The shoes are based on the design from Back to the Future 2 and feature real lights and the iconic POWERED LACES!!! Check the teaser here. I still haven’t heard a price but I will be sure to keep tabs on this as it is a complete must-have for my collection. I already got the color changing hat, now they just need to make that sick auto-fit and dry jacket. 2015 has come early folks, enjoy.


ASUS Lamborghini VX6 and VX7

So it seems that computer company ASUS and famous car company Automobili have combined forces to create what has to be the coolest fucking laptop I have ever seen. The Asus Lamborghini VX6 and VX7. This PC is badass and screams italo-design.  Here are some of  the specs:

  • 15.6-inch display with full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processor
  • Up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM
  • NVIDIA N11E-GS DirectX 11 graphics with 1.5GB GDDR5 VRAM
  • Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 (64bits)
Mikey Likey! I have to have one of these things man, not just because it’s a laptop that is easily on par with alienware gaming PCs, but that sweet Lambo design. Something inside me is screaming to buy this, go do a mountain of coke, listen to prince and yazoo, then go fuck Reagan.  Pure Pwn.

And here we have a nice hands on look from some British chick.

Awesome Gear

While trolling the interwebz for some Awesomely BAD Products today I happen to come across some plain old Awesome Gear. Most of it is either clothing or furniture but if you are nerd you will surely dig this stuff. Check it out here is some totally awesome stuff.


Keytars – Total Fu#!ing Pwn.

Here are some dudes shreddin on keytars, still loookin’ for better vids but who cares they’re fucking keytars dude.

Steampunk Gaming Consoles

So I came across a Steampunk Gameboy and was awe struck, I thought it was completely badass, so I decided to do a small collection of other consoles modded to look steampunk. So far I found a bunch but am still looking. If you guys dig Steampunk you should mosey on over to Steampunk Chicago, where they have an awesome collective of articles, events, outfits, mods, pretty much anything steamy.

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The Future – From Back in the Day

So here are some awesome vids of some “high-tech” stuff from back in the day. Kinda’ funny thinking that half of this stuff was considered almost sci-fi.

Tech Hi-Fi’s Best – The jingle is by far Hi-Fi’s best.

Sear’s Electronics Ad – lolz

Color Computer Commercial – Circa 1980

Internet Circa 1960 – A concept of the internet from the 60’s