Final Fantasy Anime Intros

I just found these and they are badass, seriously these need to be full series.




Kony 2012


Agent Meows Kilo.



Catherine Zeta Jones

She has entrapped me, and Sean Connery, woah oh oh.




Martin Luther King Day

I had a dream! And in that dream there were some memes.

ThePwnZone is gonna be movin’!

Sup PwnStars, yeah I’ll admit it, I have been totally neglecting this site for the past month or 2. Sorry folks, been dealin’ with some issues about putting up ads and whatnot (totally can’t if using a domain) So i’ve decided to get ThePwnZone it’s own domain and we should be up and running by the first or second week of the new year. Also we have a shitload in store for you guys. Lately we have been planning a shitload of original material and sketches as well as a bunch of gear we’re gonna be slangin’. So keep tuned and prepare for the birth of the new PwnZone.


P.S. – I love you.