ThePwnZone is gonna be movin’!

Sup PwnStars, yeah I’ll admit it, I have been totally neglecting this site for the past month or 2. Sorry folks, been dealin’ with some issues about putting up ads and whatnot (totally can’t if using a domain) So i’ve decided to get ThePwnZone it’s own domain and we should be up and running by the first or second week of the new year. Also we have a shitload in store for you guys. Lately we have been planning a shitload of original material and sketches as well as a bunch of gear we’re gonna be slangin’. So keep tuned and prepare for the birth of the new PwnZone.


P.S. – I love you.




Real Life Superheroes

Someone brought my attention to this recently and I had to do a post. Apparently there are real life superheroes popping up all around major metropolitan areas in the US. Similar to the movie “Kick-Ass” these people are taking to the streets in masks and costumes trying to fight crime. Many police officers are saying that something like this will only escalate problems. Recently the hero “Phoenix Jones” of Seattle was arrested for assault after breaking up a fight with pepper spray.

Phoenix Jones breaking up fight in Seattle (this may be the fight he was arrested for, not sure)


Abyss looking for an I-Phone thief in Chicago


Abyss and Citizen of Chicago helpin the homeless keep warm.


Life in New York


Apparently alot of these guys were inspired by the site and an HBO doc of the same name. So be sure to check the site out.


Nike – Marty McFly Air Mags

OMG!!!! I am one of the biggest Back To The Future fans there are and I nearly pissed myself when I heard this. Nike is set to announce the release date of their new McFly Air Mags sometime this week!!! The shoes are based on the design from Back to the Future 2 and feature real lights and the iconic POWERED LACES!!! Check the teaser here. I still haven’t heard a price but I will be sure to keep tabs on this as it is a complete must-have for my collection. I already got the color changing hat, now they just need to make that sick auto-fit and dry jacket. 2015 has come early folks, enjoy.


Mass Effect – Cosplay

Now I love cosplay but most of the time people don’t get anywhere close to who they are trying to dress up as, just check out some of these cosplay fails. Not being close is fine, cosplay is all fun and games. But, Mass Effect cosplayers have taken it to a whole other level. Seriously these guys have some AMAZING costumes. I wonder how much time and money went into making half of these because they are seriously dead on.

Lego – Lord of the Rings

So the other day I was checkin’ out my usual places for good stuff and came across a badass lego version of the tower and eye of Sauron from LOTR. After checkin’ out the website of the group that made it I discovered that they had created almost every notable place in the Lord of the Rings series! These guys are amazing! I would totally buy a Lord of the Rings Lego set, they should get on that. So here are a couple of my favorites and be sure to check out their website. Pwn.

Journey of the Fellowship – Lego – LOTR

Pixel Art Music Videos

Sup Pwnstars, as all of you know I am a pixel addict, love me some sprites. I was doin’ some diggin’ about pixel art and came across some awesome music vids by some badass artists that are all pixel art. I believe that since our generation was impacted so much by pixels while we were kids that now as an art style it is truly starting to flourish with all of us growing up. Like I said, love me some sprites, n love me these music vids.


Flairs – Truckers Delight


Architecture in Helsinki – Do the Whirlwind


Leeni – Underworld

Inception – The Cobol Job

So after diggin’ around on the interwebz for Inception stuff, I came across this. It’s a 19 page comic which is the prologue to the movie. It follows Cobb on the botched Cobol Job that forces him into the situation we see in the beginning of the movie. There is also planned to be another comic coming out called Inception: The Big Under which will primarily follow Saito before the movie.

I got the script for The Big Under here. The reason the script is out and about is because deviantart held a competition for the cover. Not sure who won or what’s goin’ on with this but here ya go anyway.

Inception – The Big Under

Inception – The Cobol Job is written by Jordan Goldberg with art done by UDON Studios.

Check it here.

Inception – The Cobol Job

Inception: The Cobol Job