ThePwnZone is gonna be movin’!

Sup PwnStars, yeah I’ll admit it, I have been totally neglecting this site for the past month or 2. Sorry folks, been dealin’ with some issues about putting up ads and whatnot (totally can’t if using a domain) So i’ve decided to get ThePwnZone it’s own domain and we should be up and running by the first or second week of the new year. Also we have a shitload in store for you guys. Lately we have been planning a shitload of original material and sketches as well as a bunch of gear we’re gonna be slangin’. So keep tuned and prepare for the birth of the new PwnZone.


P.S. – I love you.




Real Life Superheroes

Someone brought my attention to this recently and I had to do a post. Apparently there are real life superheroes popping up all around major metropolitan areas in the US. Similar to the movie “Kick-Ass” these people are taking to the streets in masks and costumes trying to fight crime. Many police officers are saying that something like this will only escalate problems. Recently the hero “Phoenix Jones” of Seattle was arrested for assault after breaking up a fight with pepper spray.

Phoenix Jones breaking up fight in Seattle (this may be the fight he was arrested for, not sure)


Abyss looking for an I-Phone thief in Chicago


Abyss and Citizen of Chicago helpin the homeless keep warm.


Life in New York


Apparently alot of these guys were inspired by the site and an HBO doc of the same name. So be sure to check the site out.


Hans Zimmer – You’re a badass.

Since I was talkin about Danny Elfman earlier thought I’d do a post about Hans Zimmer, another badass composer. The way he came on topic was by me playing Crysis 2 and one of my friends thought I was watching Dark Knight from the music. After she said that I was all like “dude this has to be the same guy”. Sure enough it was and then I found out that this guy did the score to another favorite of mine, Inception. So here are four badass songs for Crysis 2, Dark Knight, and Inception all by Hans Zimmer, pwnage.

Time – Inception

Dark Knight Theme – Batman: Dark Knight

Insertion – Crysis 2

Skyline – Crysis 2