ThePwnZone is gonna be movin’!

Sup PwnStars, yeah I’ll admit it, I have been totally neglecting this site for the past month or 2. Sorry folks, been dealin’ with some issues about putting up ads and whatnot (totally can’t if using a domain) So i’ve decided to get ThePwnZone it’s own domain and we should be up and running by the first or second week of the new year. Also we have a shitload in store for you guys. Lately we have been planning a shitload of original material and sketches as well as a bunch of gear we’re gonna be slangin’. So keep tuned and prepare for the birth of the new PwnZone.


P.S. – I love you.




Grains of War

Ain’t enough freaks to stop this breakfast! WHOOOOOOO!



Batman: Arkham City – Mr. Freeze Revealed

DUDE!!! The new Mr. Freeze for Arkham City looks fuckin’ sick!! This new version of Mr. Freeze is absolutely amazing, I love how they stick close to the original design and just add layers of awesomeness. This by far is my favorite version of Mr. Freeze, so go fuck yourself Arnie (seriously what a terrible person to play him.)

Final Fantasy 7 – Absolute

Well might as well post this up to, the guy who edited together all of the FFVIII vids did one for VII as well. So check it Pwnstars, every cutscene from Final Fantasy VII. Uber-Pwn. Big ups to DanManji for puttin’ this together.

Final Fantasy VII – Absolute


Final Fantasy 8 – Absolute

Here we got every last cutscene from Final Fantasy 8. This is almost a complete hour of pre-rendered pwnage. I absolutely loved FF8, this game proved to me that you could actually make the main theme of a game love and still make it badass. Seriously a great game, definitley check it if you haven’t. Here we go Pwnstars.

Final Fantasy 8 – Absolute



Minecraft Documentary

Sup Pwnstars, I recently found this doc about Minecraft and its dev team. This is a really well made documentary and really gets down to the awesomeness behind the team. If you haven’t checked out Minecraft then fuckin’ do it already cause this game is quite fun. I must admit that at first I thought it was going to be terrible but just the sheer massiveness of it and the ability to truly affect environments is just mega tits.

Check out








Dead Island

So get ready zombie fans there is a new undead epic coming out called “Dead Island”. The game will be a sandbox game on an Island resort where a zombie apocalyspe has broken out. It will mostly focus on hand to hand/melee combat making guns and ammo very scarce on the island. They even have a stamina system in place so you can’t go hacking and slashing all willy nilly and expect to come out of a situation alive. You also play as a regular person who happened to be on vacation while this happened, no super huge n bulked up Chris Redfield super hero action.  So far from the gameplay footage it seems like this game will be alot like Fallout 3 in the way that you gain missions and interact with characters. On top of all of this there is rumored to be 4 player co-op! Brains….. Drool….. Pwn.

Keep this one on your radar folks, it’s gonna get nasty.

Here is the original trailer, this is extremely well done and really got me excited for this game. I was a little skeptical even while watching the beginning of this but man does it really come together when you grasp the idea. Very emotional and sparked up alot of ideas in me.

Yay for Zombie Children!

Here we got like 10 minutes of actual gameplay that was just recently released. Epic.