Martin Luther King Day

I had a dream! And in that dream there were some memes.



A lil WTF for your Wednesday. Enjoy.

Batman – Memes n Funny Stuffz

Dark Knight Rises is coming, so let our lulz on at the Bat. Pwn.

Xmen Memes n Funny Pics

So it looks like today is shapin’ out to be funny pic n meme day here in the zone. I originally gathered these when X-Men First Class came out but was too lazy to put em up, now they will be shown in all their glory, enjoy.

Spiderman Memes n Funny Pics Pt. 2

So it seems that alot of the hits I get on this blog come from people lookin’ for memes, particularly Spiderman. So here you go Pwnstars, a shitload more spidey pics n memes. Enjoy.



Transformers Memes

In honor of Transformers 3 I decided to find and collect a bunch of memes and other funny pics about our favorite autonomous robotic organisms. Check it.

Inception Memes

So as you may know Inception is one of my top favorite movies of all time. I absolutely love this flick. So today I decided to gather a bunch of memes from the movie. So here are a shitload of Inception memes. Enjoy.