Kony 2012


Agent Meows Kilo.



Catherine Zeta Jones

She has entrapped me, and Sean Connery, woah oh oh.




Martin Luther King Day

I had a dream! And in that dream there were some memes.

2pac – Memes n Funny pics

Well today is the 15 years anniversary of 2pac Shakur’s death. So here are some funny ass 2pac related pics. Oh and of course one of my favorite tracks from him. Enjoy.

Spiderman Memes Pt. 4

God I love these!!! More Spidey Memes for your enjoyment. For those of you that didn’t know all of these images come from the original 60’s Spiderman cartoon. It featured a bunch of shitty animation which in result created all these hilarious freeze frames that the interwebz has so lovingly taken into it’s own.